Jane Thompson of Coley Berkshire

???? - 1790


Co-heir with her sisters Frances Thompson and Ann Jennings Clerke of their father Col. Richard Thompson (each of whom q.v.).

  1. The will of Jane Thompson of Coley Berkshire [made in 1788] proved 22/12/1790 closely mirrors that of he sister Frances Thompson, leaving her estates in England and her one-third share in an estate and enslaved people in Jamaica to her sister Frances then to their sister Ann Jennings Clerke and their niece Frances Jennings Clerke.


  1. PROB 11/1199/155.

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1736 [EA] - → Heir

Co-heir with her sisters after the inferred death of their brother Richard Nicoll Thompson. She still held a third share when she made her will in 1788.

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Daughter → Father
Aunt → Niece

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Coley Park, Reading, Berkshire, Central England, England