Mary Ann Eliza Highatt then Pierse (née Tharp)

11th Mar 1801 - 18th Feb 1885

Claimant or beneficiary


Mary Ann Eliza Pierse (née Tharp), youngest daughter of John Tharp of Chippenham Park, who claimed as mother and natural guardian of her son Henry Stogdon Highatt, the heir at law of her [first] husband John Stogdon Highatt.

  1. Mary Ann Elizabeth Tharp, daughter of John and Ann Tharp, was born 11/03/1801 and baptised in Trinity Church, Marylebone in August 1801. By this date, Ann had embarked on an affair with her stepdaughter's husband Rev. Richard Burton Burton Phillipson, so John Tharp may not have been Mary Ann Elizabeth Tharp's father. Her marriage notice gives her father as John Tharp but she is not mentioned in his will.

  2. Marriage Monday at Bramford Speke, John Stogdon Highatt of the Island of Jamaica to Mary Ann Eliza, youngest daughter of the late John Tharp Esq., of Chippenham Park [in August 1824]. Two sons: Henry Stogden and Robert Pallmer, baptised in Brampford Speke, Devon in 1826 and 1827. Possibly another son John born c. 1829, see census of 1841 below. John Stogden Highatt died on board the Clara, Captain Thomas commander, on his passage to Jamaica, and was buried in Brampford Speke, Devon, 28/03/1831 age 26 years. Administration of the will of John Stogdon Highatt of St Thomas Devon was granted 30/06/1840 - he was the son of Richard Highatt of Kingston and Elizabeth Stogdon of Trelawny.

  3. Mary Ann Elizabeth Highatt of Marylebone married Richard William Peirce of Fordington, Dorset, in Trinity Church, Marylebone, 07/08/1831. For reasons unknown, the appear to have married again, at Brampford Speke, 23/10/1831. There appears to be no press notices for the first marriage but for the second there are at least four. One of the witnesses to the first marriage was Wilhelmina Woolery. She was a first cousin of John Stogdon Highatt and a residuary legatee in his will, and four years later would marry Thomas Ellis Adlington, one of the awardees of Orange Grove estate.

  4. Living in Londonderry, Yorkshire, in the census of 1841, age 36, with Richard Pierce age 36, of independent means, Arabella age 6 (born in county), John Highatt age 12, 1 male servant and 2 female servants. At Register House, Zetland Street, North Allerton in the census of 1851, age 46, with husband Richard William Pierce, age 46, Registrar of Deeds for North Riding, daughter Arabella Georgiana age 16, 1 male servant and 2 female servants. At the same address in 1871. Richard William Pierce died in 1872 (effects under £4,000).

  5. Mary Ann Eliza Pierse died 18/02/1885 in Bournemouth. Her address on her death certificate was Undercliff, South Cliff, Bournemouth.

  6. The only child of his second marriage was Arabella Georgiana Peirse, b.1835, who married Thomas George Duncombe at Tynemouth on 27/07/1853. He was the son of Slingsby Duncombe and grandson of Charles Slingsby Duncombe, the unsuccessful claimant to the Morning Star estate. In 1881 the couple could be found at 25 Queen’s Gate, London along with their seven children, a governess and ten servants.


T71/874 Trelawny No. 184 (which gives her husband as John Hogdon Highatt).

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We are grateful to James Evans for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Maiden Name
(1) John Stogdon Highatt (2) Richard William Pierce
With (1) Henry Stogdon, Robert Pallmer; with (2) Arabella Georgiana (1835-)

PROB 11/1929/204 - precis.

John Stogdon Highatt of Little Cleeve in the parish of St Thomas in the county of Devon.

To Charles Nicholas Pallmer of Norburton, Surrey and John Rudge of Brampfordspeke in Devon all plantations and pens and real estate whatsoever and wheresoever with all my negro and other slaves which I now am or at my death shall be seized or possessed of, also all my personal estate and effects upon trust, to sell and dispose of my real estate and invest the proceeds in parliamentary stocks or public funds of Great Britain.

To pay the rents and profits to Mary Ann Eliza my wife during her widowhood for the maintenance of herself and children. Should she remarry, or at her death, the money to go to my children at age 21 years as tenants in common, the interest to be applied to their maintenance and education in the mean time. In default to Mina Sophia Woollery for her absolute use and benefit.

Charles Nicholas Pallmer and John Rudge to be guardians of my children and executors. My wife to be an executrix in her widowhood.

Signed 08/02/1831.

Proved in London 30/06/1840.

Associated Claims (1)

£512 13s 1d
Unsuccessful claimant (consensual)

Associated Estates (1)

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1831 [SY] - 07/08/1831 [ED] → Trust beneficiary

Inherited Orange Grove in trust on the death of her husband John Stogden Highatt in early 1831 but lost her claim on the property when she remarried in August that same year.

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Addresses (4)

Brampford Speke, Devon, Devon and Cornwall, England
Londonderry, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England
Little Cleave, Drewsteignton, Exeter, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England
Register House, Zetland Street, Northallerton, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England