Frances Thompson of Coley Berkshire

???? - 1791


Co-heir with her sisters Jane Thompson and Lady Ann Jennings Clerke of their father Col. Richard Thompson (each of whom q.v.).

  1. Will of Frances Thompson spinster of Coley Berkshire [made 1788] proved 08/04/1791. In the will she left her estates in Berkshire and her one-third undivided interest in property in Jamaica, including 'Negroes, Slaves, Cattle, Utensils and Hereditaments', to her sister Jane Thompson for life, and then several named estates to her niece Frances Jennings Clerke, daughter of her sister Ann Jennings Clerke, with the rest of her assets, including the West India property, going to Ann Jennings Clerke. Jane Thompson appears to have preceded her.


  1. PROB 11/1204/43.

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1736 [EA] - → Heir

Co-heir with her sisters after the inferred death of their brother Richard Nicoll Thompson. She still held a third share when she made her will in 1788.

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Daughter → Father
Aunt → Niece

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Coley Park, Reading, Berkshire, Central England, England